CRCH Board

This is the private page for board members.

  1. Upload a file to the media library,
  2. copy the URL and
  3. paste it here.

The file URL will look something like this:

To make it a little cleaner you can hyperlink text like this: 2019-Nov Minutes

  1. Highlight the text you want to have the link,
  2. click the Link icon in the WP editor,
  3. a dialog box will pop up,
  4. paste the link in the dialog box.


To set a password for the page:

  1. click the Visibility link in the Publish box on the right,
  2. click Password protected,
  3. add the password.

Preview the page by clicking the Preview button in the Publish box on the right. When the page is finished, click Update.

Share this page URL with the board with your password.


COVID-19 Emergency - We are following CDC recommended precautions. ONLY 2 PEOPLE IN THE LOBBY AT A TIME, as well as other precautions.
The Credit Union will be opening late on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, in order to perform a system update. The Credit Union will open when the update is completed.
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NEW HOURS The Credit Union is now open Monday thru Friday, 9:30AM-5:30PM for both walk-ins and appointments. Please call ahead for CHECKS 540-985-8535.